​Notary Services in Alcalá de Xivert and Alcossebre

Notary Services

Rafael Rivas Andrés Notary's Office provides the most comprehensive notary services in Alcalá de Xivert and Alcossebre. We offer tailor-made advice based on our clients' needs, as well as a professional service. Our offices carry out a wide range of services for individuals and companies. We work in a serious and efficient manner and our team of Legal experts are always up to date with current legal affairs. We aim to provide the best advisory service and ensure the final document is exactly as requested by the client.

Property and Immovable Assets

As part of our portfolio of services for properties and immovable assets, we carry out notary work for purchases, sales, mortgages, declarations of new constructions, transfers, mortgage cancellation and subrogation and minimum interest rate clauses.

Inheritances and Wills

Inheritances, declarations of heirs and last wills and testaments are just some of the services that we provide to our clients. Our aim is to make the process as easy as possible and ensure that the deadlines established by law are met for the payment of inheritance taxes. 

Notarial Acts and Powers
Our team have a long-history of providing a professional approach towards drafting powers for lawsuits and general powers, records of attendance and requirement requests, auction records and marriage acts.

Companies and Businesses

Among the services we offer to companies and businesses are their establishment, liquidation and dissolution, as well as business agreements, capital increases and the drafting of policies.

Foreign affairs

In our notary's office we guarantee that your foreign affairs documents will be processed swiftly and professionally. We also provide in-depth advice on inheritance in the EU and property and cross-border transactions in order to increase and guarantee the legal security of real estate investments.

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